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AIMEXPO 2015 PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT VIDEO: Touratech ESA Plug & Travel Suspension Suspension kit for the 2007 to 2012 BMW R1200GS may be pricy, but it’s a big upgrade compared to stock.

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Are you one of the 20,000 to 30,000 folks out there who own an an air- and oil-cooled BMW R1200GS with ESA electronic suspension? By now—especially if you’re the type who crosses continents two-up, with fully packed panniers—chances are decent that your bike’s suspension could use a rebuild. Problem is, BMW‘s stock suspension is designed to be replaced, not rebuilt. Enter Touratech, which has created the ESA Plug & Travel suspension kit, which integrates perfectly with the GS’s sophisticated electronics and does not trigger any fault codes. More important, the springs are custom-tailored to the weight of the rider and the load, and the high-quality dampers are completely rebuildable. To learn more about this pricey but substantive GS suspension upgrade, we chatted with Matt Wilson, a Touratech engineer who personally tested the Plug & Travel kit on a ride from Seattle to South America. And back. Touratech ESA Plug & Travel Suspension. Touratech ESA Plug & Travel Suspension Touratech ESA Plug & Travel Suspension. Touratech rear shock installed. Touratech rear shock installed. Read More