VIDEO: MOTACK Mayhem! Malaysian motorcyclists clearly know how to have fun.

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OTR Publications, our partner in Asia who publishes Cycle World Malaysia magazine, recently helped stage a MOTACK motorcycle time-attack event in Kuala Lumpur. Riders on a variety of bikes (including a Honda Gold Wing and even a Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide!) tackled a gymkhana-style course, trying to maneuver around the tight track in as little time as possible time without committing any faults. At some point during this 2-day festival, as this video clearly shows, a giant party broke out, and the numerous festivities were highlighted by a stunt demonstration from American Aaron Twite, the rider who starred so capably on a Ducati Hypermotard in the Cycle WorldGame of Hype” videos. We hope you enjoy seeing how our friends from the Far East live and display their infectious 2-wheel spirit. We certainly did.

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