Roland Sands Design 2014 Product Video

Lots of RSD parts on the front end - ProStep 4 handlebars in Black Ops finish Billet Prototype Triple Trees Tracker Grips Nostalgia Headlight in Machine Ops finish just to name a few. Roland Sands Design showcases its new 2014 products in the stylish video below.

There’;s nothing like jumping on your bike and hitting the road. Whether you are heading across the country, ripping up the canyons or just taking a short spin around the neighborhood, it always seems to clarify things. Life can get complicated at times and the simple but vital task of keeping yourself upright on 2 wheels has the effect of refueling your soul. It’;s with this in mind that we conceptualize, design and build our motorcycle parts. From intricately machined billet Aluminum to hand fabricated, tig welded stainless steel and carbon fiber, we finely detail each piece. Through testing and engineering of each item we ensure a high quality, hard riding product that will stand the test of time.

Through our design process we add a unique flavor that’;s repeatable across your bike and allows the blending of any style you choose to outfit your machine. For us it’;s always an opportunity to build the parts we want to put on our bikes. We understand the need to obsess over the last missing detail. We also understand you want everything right when you do hit the road and disappear for a few weeks. For the team at RSD, our newest line of products is a labor of love and a result of an obsession with 2 wheels. We’;re proud to share them with you.

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