Ride For Kids: New Mexico and Texas Events Exceed $228,500 For Kids

Ride For Kids Event promo shot Ride for Kids Press Release: Ride for Kids motorcyclists in New Mexico and Texas raised $ 228,548 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation on April 27. More than 550 motorcyclists attended the events in Albuquerque, N.M., and Humble, Texas, to honor our Stars, local children with brain tumors: Andy, Sage, Jaiden, Megan, Jake, Ethan, Jocelyn, Spencer, Malcolm, Leon, Garrett, Ava, Ella, Noah, Kaitlyn, Calvin, Michael, Nick and Trent. These children’s families are grateful for the support of the motorcycling community. “One of the things that helped when Ethan was in the hospital was the information that the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation provided,” said Rochelle, mother of a Houston Star. “I couldn’t fix him. Someone else had to do that. The fundraising you do makes it possible.” Making life better for Ride for Kids Stars is the reason motorcyclists across the country ride for the PBTF, which funds medical research and family support programs to help eliminate the challenges of childhood brain tumors. Fundraisers will receive incentive credit through May 27. Donate to Ride For Kids

Ride for Kids:

For more information: www.rideforkids.org

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