Indianapolis 450 Supercross Results 2015

Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey notched another win in the 450 SX class in Indianapolis, trailed by Team Honda’s Cole Seely in second and his teammate, Trey Canard, in third.

BTO Sports’ Andrew Short took the early lead followed by Dungey close behind in second-place. Dungey made quick work of Short, passing for the front during the opening lap. Seely was in third followed by GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac in 4th while JGRMX’s Weston Peick held close to the lead pack as well.

By Lap 2 Peick had moved up to 4th after Tomac suffered an off. Peick then dispatched Short for third-place while Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Davi Millsaps trailed in fifth. Canard was fighting up the ranks after a lackluster start, but was quickly making up ground and by Lap 6, Canard had caught and passed Millsaps for fifth. Yoshimura Suzuki’s Blake Baggett was also ticking off quick laps just behind Canard, but then lost significant ground when he washed out the front in a turn and his machine landed on top of him. The rear wheel continued to spin and he wasn’t able to get a hold on the bike to push it off, having to wait until race officials were able to move onto the track and assist him.

The following lap, Canard passed Short for 4th-place. Dungey continued to stretch his advantage on Seely while Peick remained steady in third. The Yamaha rider couldn’t hold off Canard once the Honda reached his rear wheel though and by Lap 10 the Oklahoma native was in podium position.

The latter half of the race saw Dungey hold steady at the front with Seely and Canard both unable to catch the KTM ace.

“I’m taking every race one at a time,” said Dungey. “It’s a long series and you can’t get too far ahead of yourself. I owe everything to my team and the man above. This track was really tough today. Everyone was running the same pace and it provided a good challenge today. The start was key, and luckily, I got a good one.” 

Peick crossed the line in 4th-place followed by Millsaps in fifth and Short in sixth. 22 Motorsports’ Josh Grant finished in 6th while RCH Racing’s Broc Tickle took eighth. Grant’s teammate, Chad Reed, finished in ninth followed by Team Tedder’s Jake Weimer in 10th.

Dungey now has a 45 point advantage over his closest competition in the 450 SX class, Canard. Tomac is third followed by Seely in 4th and RCH Racing’s Ken Roczen in fifth.

Indianapolis 450 Supercross Results 2015
1. Ryan Dungey (KTM)
2. Cole Seely (Honda)
3. Trey Canard (Honda)
4. Weston Peick (Yamaha)
5. Davi Millsaps (Kawasaki)
6. Andrew Short (KTM)
7. Josh Grant (Kawasaki)
8. Broc Tickle (Suzuki)
9. Chad Reed (Kawasaki)
10. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki)
11. Eli Tomac (Honda)
12. Kyle Chisholm (Kawasaki)
13. Phil Nicoletti (Yamaha)
14. Nick Wey (Kawasaki)
15. Blake Baggett (Suzuki)
16. Kyle Partridge (Honda)
17. Jason Anderson (Husqvarna)
18. Tony Archer (Kawasaki)
19. Ben Lamay (Husqvarna)
20. Killian Rusk (Yamaha)
21. Adam Enticknap (Honda)
22. Dustin Pipes (Suzuki)

450 SX Championship Points 2015
1. Ryan Dungey, 249
2. Trey Canard, 204
3. Eli Tomac, 169
4. Cole Seely, 160
5. Ken Roczen, 156
6. Chad Reed, 152
7. Jason Anderson, 144
8. Blake Baggett, 141
9. Andrew Short, 124
10. Broc Tickle, 120