IENATSCH TUESDAY: The Importance of Earplugs It’s not just engine noise, it’s wind noise! I said: It’s wind noise!

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I’;m lucky because my father was a mining engineer educated in hearing protection. From a young age I wore earplugs on motorcycles, but not everyone had my dad. Here’;s a little video to help you catch up. This is what Industrial Paramedical Services, Inc., write on the subject: “…according to OSHA’s regulation of industrial noise exposure, an average worker surrounded by levels around 85-90 dB for an 8 hour day will not exceed the limits of exposure time within a 24 hour period of time. “However, when the sound levels exceed 100 dB, your exposure time is reduced to 2 hours. When sound levels exceed 115 dB, your exposure time is drastically reduced to 15 minutes. This puts riding a bike a whole other (sic) realm as ‘wind noise’ at highway speeds can measure up to 103 dB, or comparable to a running chainsaw. At these levels the rider is not only fatiguing physically from the excess noise exposure, but it also puts him into a position of needing a hearing aid later in life.” Earplugs help retain riders’; hearing and decrease fatigue. Stick ’;em in! More Next Tuesday!