Dynoed: 2015 Indian Scout Horsepower/Torque

2015 Indian Scout engine CADWe threw the 1133cc V-Twin of the 2015 Indian Scout on the dyno to bring you these horsepower and torque numbers.

Our first adventure on the 2015 Indian Scout and its potent 1133cc powerplant left us wanting more. Rev it up, drop the clutch, and it has a wicked punch off the line. A muscular midrange follows around 5000 rpm, followed by a top-end that delivers beyond the standard V-Twin. It definitely exceeded expectations.

The 60-degree V-Twin’s design is as intriguing as its power delivery. All of its external cases exhibit a high degree of machining, what you see outside deliberately designed to hint at what’s going on internally. Dual overhead cams, 4-valves per cylinder, a 3.89-inch bore thumping at a 2.90-inch stroke, this thing likes to rev. Liquid-cooling helps it rev much higher than its air-cooled V-Twin competitors.

To support that claim, we recently got a chance to throw it on our Dynojet 200i where it put out a verifiable 84.88 horsepower at 7900 rpm and 63.53 lb-ft torque at 5900 rpm. At 3400 rpm, the Scout’s engine is doling out 60 lb-ft of torque and stays near that range through 5800 rpm. About that time, its horsepower numbers begin to climb into the 80s, and even at redline it still tries to dish out power instead of signing off and shutting down. Can’t divulge performance times yet, but we can say the 2015 Indian Scout left a black streak of rubber over 100-feet-long when Waheed launched it. Just wait ’;till you see the video. It’s the type of engine that wants riders to be on the throttle, wants to run hard and fast, because it can be a little herky-jerky if you’re not. Our remedy – throttle it!

Here’s a peek at the power the 2015 Indian Scout puts to the back wheel.

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