CHARACTERS: KTM 1290 Super Duke R A velociraptor in wolf’s clothing.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R action wheelie shot The 1290 Super Duke R name tells us exactly what we need to know about this KTM: Its engine is big, it carries the sporty R designation, and nothing named Duke would ever be considered weak, right? The fact that this lithe naked bike is packing a 1,301cc, 152-hp (at the rear wheel) V-twin, with 93 pound-feet of torque also makes it one of the coolest bikes ever. But specification sheets are boring. Cracking open the 1290’s ride-by-wire throttle (with traction control off, of course) is like sticking defibrillator paddles to your chest just for fun. Thanks to all that torque in a 417-pound package, wheelies are just part of the Super Duke experience, with the TC/wheelie control constantly intervening to save your ass. With it off, big sweet wheelstands are snapped up with ease in any of the first 4 gears. The 1290 is anything but a dumbed-down version of a sportbike. Awesome Brembo brakes, lightweight wheels, excellent WP suspension, and a full electronics suite make this one of our favorite hooligan bikes of all time.

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PRICE $ 16,999
SEAT HEIGHT 32.3 in.
HORSEPOWER 152 @ 9250 rpm
TORQUE 93 lb.-ft. @ 8300 rpm
FUN FACT That to turn off the heated grips you have to turn the Off indicator on. You follow?!
On-track action shot #1 On-track action shot #2 On-track action shot #3 On-track action shot #4 On-track action shot #5 Static left-side view. Static right-side view. Front wheel/brakes. Front profile. Instrument panel. Name badge. Engine. Exhaust pipe. Rear suspension. Rear suspension close-up.

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