Bell Helmets Named Official Helmet of Mammoth Motocross

Bell Helmets Promotional Shot Bell Helmets Press Release: Bell Helmets, an industry leader in innovative head protection, today announced its status as the official helmet for Mammoth Motocross 2015. Bell will be onsite with its custom-fit sprinter van in Mammoth June 19-28 showcasing the technologies within the all-new Moto-9 Flex and offering free custom-fit head scans for riders. In addition, Bell will have its race proven Moto-9 available for track-side ride demos. Bell’s Moto-9 Flex display will highlight the 3 key technologies within the helmet. At the heart is Bell’s exclusive “progressive layering” technology – a system of 3 polymer materials, each designed to address low-, mid-, and high-speed impact velocities. Along with the 3 potential impact speeds, Bell has addressed rotational energy management by engineering a “slip zone” within the Moto-9 Flex impact liner. The “slip zone” allows for subtle movement between the inner layers and works to reduce rotational energy transfer from angular impacts. Bell also addressed head comfort by using its “Adaptive Fit” system containing a segmented liner construction, which conforms to a rider’s head for a better-fit and more predictable energy management.
Bell Helmets Promotional Shot We’re proud and excited to showcase our industry-leading Moto-9 Flex and custom-fit technologies at events like Mammoth,” said Chris Sackett, Vice President of Bell Helmets. “In our 60-plus years as a company, these are 2 of the most substantial technological advancements we’ve ever made and we can’t wait to share these with riders everywhere.” Custom-fitting demonstrations allow riders to experience Bell’s head scanning system – a first of its kind for the industry. Through its innovative technology, each Bell Moto-9 helmet is customized to the unique shape and dimensions of the rider’s head. Since the internal shape of the helmet is a direct offset of the rider’s head, there are no uncomfortable pressure points or hot spots, creating maximum comfort and stability at a level that feels like wearing nothing at all. As if the Moto-9 Flex display head-scanning experience isn’t enough, Bell is also providing riders the chance to ride test its race proven Moto 9. The Moto-9 features a lightweight TriMatrix construction, Velocity Flow Ventilation™ and Bell’s Magnefusion Emergency Release System.

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