Baja Rally Moto Stickers Available announced today that the website will giveaway 500 of new issue BAJA RALLY decals and mail them to recipients.
Send away for a pair of new Baja Rally decals. Send away for a pair of new Baja Rally decals.

Simply mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to

5755 Oberlin Drive #301
San Diego CA 92121

and you’;ll get your stickers within a week.

“We have a great printer making these and they printed an extra 500 in our last shipment so its time we gave these away”, according to Baja Rally creator Scotty Breauxman, “So we’;re ready to give em away.”

The BAJA RALLY 2.0 is the first and only navigation-based rally-raid for motorcycles taking place in Baja, CA September 24-28th. Modeled after the world’s most famous rally, BAJA RALLY 2.0 is a 5-day “traveling cultural adventure” where participants and support teams rendezvous in remote locations (bivouac) after each day of timed “special stages”. The remote bivouac locations are selected for historical and cultural significance as well as to showcase the dynamic landscapes Baja CA is famous for.

***Free sticker offer good only for letter mailed to the US address. Do not mail to the Mexican address below

More information at BAJA RALLY.

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