Ask Kevin: What Are Your Thoughts On Using Special Oil Treatments?

Sea-Foam-product-image Question: What are your thoughts on using Sea Foam Motor Treatment in a motorcycle occasionally to clean the injectors? I know Sea Foam has worked great in my snowblower, lawn mower, and gas-powered string trimmer. It even took care of some of the problems I’ve had with them as far as carburetors are concerned. Dale Geske via Answer: This is a tough one. Makers of fuels and oils employ the usual range of additives such as dispersants and other surfactants to prevent deposit formation or to keep fuel injectors clean. Would these additives work even better if we added more of them in the form of one of the scores of engine treatments on the market? The only people who know from actual measurements are the chemists in fuels and lubricants labs. We laymen have only product advertising (“Brownell’s EngineBrite Cleans Engines Clean!”) or personal experiences (“My friend Bob uses Brownell’s, and his bike runs great”). I knew a man who swore by revving up his car’s engine and pouring water into its carburetor. The resulting shock cooling did indeed blow a storm of carbon out the tail pipe. Did that make this a desirable practice? Readers are advised to let common sense be their guide here. Send your “Ask Kevin” questions to We cannot guarantee a reply to every inquiry.

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