AMASBK: Following Fillmore – Season #2 Premiere (Video)

Following Fillmore promo image Eyeball NYC Press Release: With season one of Following Fillmore in the books, Chris Fillmore and the crew at eyeballMOTO have taken a new approach for the sophomore season of the series. During the off-season Fillmore has become more hands on by directing and narrating the series, as well as shooting a majority of the series himself. The episodes throughout season 2 will continue to provide the unique variety of adventures we have come to know from Chris Fillmore.

“FOLLOWING FILLMORE” Season 2- Episode 1- There’;s more than beer in Belgium

In episode one of season 2, follow Chris across the pond to Mettet, Belgium for one of the premier supermoto races in the world. SuperBiker Mettet is a 3-day event in which hundreds of racers qualify to compete with the invited StarBikers. The StarBikers include names like, Ben Bostrom, Micky Dymond, Jeff Ward, Troy Corser and of course, Fillmore himself. Follow along as Chris takes us through the race weekend, battling on the track, dealing with the ups and downs of racing, and enjoying time with new and old friends. For more information:

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