2014 Q1 Motorcycle Sales Stagnate YOY

Data released by the Motorcycle Industry Council reports virtually no change in year-over-year motorcycle sales through the first quarter of 2014. The MIC totals 94,534 new motorcycle units sold in Q1, down 0.2% (118 units) from last year’s tally. The On-Highway and Dual segments registered nominal gains (0.9% and 3.9%), with Off-Highway and Scooter sales both in decline (-2.7% and -10.7%).

On-Highway motorcycles make up largest market segment reported by the MIC in its quarterly report. It represents all street-legal bikes excepting Scooters and the street-legal dual-sport and Adventure bikes which comprise the Dual segment. Through the first 3 months On-Highway sales were up 581 units, with 65,301 total.

The Dual segment continues to enjoy the most robust growth trend in the industry, registering a modest 3.9% YOY increase. However, total sales for the on/off-road capable bikes were 7644 for the quarter, demonstrating its relatively small niche market (8.1% compared to On-Highway’s 69.1%, with Off-Highway 17.6% and Scooter 5.3%).

Dirt bike sales exhibited a 461 unit YOY decline, with total sales for the quarter reported at 16,597. Meanwhile, the Scooter segment continues to exhibit the most erratic fluctuations in sales. In Q1 4992 scooters were reported sold, down 597 units and -10.7% for the year.

In the 4-wheeled segment, the MIC cites ATV sales dead even with last year’s figures. The 45,388 units sold are up 205 units, for a 0.5% increase. The MIC does not track sales data for UTV and side-by-sides, which has reportedly eclipsed ATV sales. Hard data for the sales is difficult to source, but in its Q1 financial report, Polaris Industries claimed its revenue from the combined UTV/ATV segment (which it terms ORV) grew 11% in the quarter. Polaris went on to state that its market share had increased in the North American ORV market with sales growth in the “upper single digits” compared with “mid-single digits” for the industry as a whole – indicating the continued popularity and market shift from ATV to UTV. (Read Indian Sales Spur Polaris Growth in Q1)

The MIC’s quarterly sales data is compiled by information reported by its member brands: Can-Am, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, the Piaggio Group, Victory, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha.  

  2014           2013           Change      %Change
DUAL  7644 7355 289 3.9%
OFF-HWY  16,597 17,058 -461 -2.7%
ON-HWY  65,301 64,720 581 0.9%
SCOOTER  4992 5589 -597 -10.7%
TOTAL  94,534 94,722 -188 -0.2%
ATV  45,388 45,183 205 0.5%

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