Features of Vespa Models

Vespa Model S 125

Vespa S embodies the heritage of legendary models from the 70’s, such as the Vespa 50 Special and the Vespa Primavera, offering a trip down a charming memory lane. It is the most sporty and youthful Vespa “small body” available. The lines express dynamic character and youth, with their clean and essential, but definitely spirited, sections. It is a Vespa that makes minimalist design its distinguishing feature in order to definitively win the approval of the youngest enthusiasts. The square headlight, the more decisive design of the mudguards and the profile of the saddle are the unmistakeable key features of the Vespa S, which go extremely well with the red colour of the shock absorbers and the brand new instrument panel graphics.

Photos of Vespa S 125

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Vespa Model 946 125 IE

Vespa 946

Unique as the year in which it was born, 2013. The essentiality of the design endows even the most impersonal function with style and individuality.The Vespa 946 is a pure expression of a style synonymous, in the minds of millions of travellers and devotees, with freedom of movement and expression. A far-sighted projection of sustainable mobility, whose form and substance crystallise the fundamental aesthetic and dynamic values of the history of the two-wheeler.  


The Vespa 946 is made to man’s measure. And to the measure of the universe. Low consumption and reduced emissions. Fully digital instrumentation.A throbbing technological heart, perfect for long distances and city travel.Superior construction quality to make it a winner on every road, the means to reach every destination.

Photos of Vespa 946

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Vespa Model GTV “vie della moda”

Surely the spectacular image should stir renewed support for the venerable mod icon. So should the limited-edition Vespa GTV Vie della Moda VALUE The flagship model is priced at $9490 (plus on-road costs) which is exactly the same as the standard GTV. Yet this model comes with a host of cosmetic enhancements to give it that ’50s-’60s retro look and make it stand out from the pack. Resale value also should be good as the Australian importers brought a container load of only 40 into the country. TECHNOLOGY It might be retro in looks, but it is powered by a modern 300cc liquid-cooled four-stroke four-valve engine with electronic fuel injection. Fuel economy is rated at 3.48 litres per 100km which is excellent and it has Euro3 emissions compliance with 80.7g/km of CO2. DESIGN You can have it in any colour you want so long as it’s Marrone Etna (brown Etna). Retro styling features abound such as the single headlight mounted on the front mudguard and the handlebars in simple exposed metal tube, just like the earliest models. The saddle is made of “eco-leather” which refers to the way it is tanned without any environmentally harmful chemicals. With its stylish precision-crafted piping, it is elegant and comfortable, and just like the original Vespas, it is split into two sections. The five-spoke 12-inch wheels get a shiny chrome finish to match the other chrome bits and pieces such as the clever fold-out rear carrier rack. Vespas always feel solid and well built with attention to detail such as body fit and finish. Vespa GTV “vie della moda” RIDING Vespas were invented in post-war Italy to allow women to ride the bomb-damaged streets while wearing a skirt. I can’t vouch for riding them while wearing a skirt, but the small wheels don’t cope well with the potholes in our city streets, let along bomb craters. On smooth surfaces, the fully adjustable twin rear shocks and iconic cantilever-style front suspension make handling predictable. Braking is strong with a 220mm discs front and rear. The 278cc engine is a spirited unit that will have you running well ahead of the traffic around town and staying well out of trouble even on the highway. Wind blast can be a bit of a problem over 90km/h, but weather protection for the lower half is very good. Riding position is comfortable, although tall people might feel a bit cramped. You can fit a helmet and jacket under the seat which opens electronically and there are convenient storage areas for gloves and a handy grocery bag hook on the front shroud. It comes with a centre and side stand. Vespa GTV “vie della moda” VERDICT Get the mod look plus all the mod cons with this powerful Vespa. Vespa GTV Vie della Moda Price is  $9490

Photos of Vespa GTV Vie della Moda

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Vespa Model GTS Touring 300 IE

After the huge success of the GTS Touring in 2011, Vespa have decided to continue with this model for 2012. In a rich metallic brown colour and lavished with front and rear chrome carrier and flyscreen as well as a luxurious chocolate leather seat this really is a beauty of a scooter. Ideal for mid to long range travelling – touring by name, touring by nature.


The Special Touring Series dresses up the powerful Vespa GTS, recalling the thousands of outfitted Vespas that have travelled the streets of the world, carrying entire generations of riders. This is a series dedicated to a love for travel, with an appropriate mix of unmistakable Vespa style and the practicality of a vehicle which is capable of leaving the city behind to embark on medium range touring. The finishings of the Touring Special Edition are designed to enhance the Vespa line: the standard chromed luggage racks at both the front and rear significantly extend the vehicle’s load carrying capacity; the rounded and transparent windshield envelops Vespa’s eye to give it another touch of elegance and augment the rider’s level of protection.


The GTS 300 Touring i.e. engine delivers an extraordinary urban vehicle performance, characterized by a high torque level (22.3 Nm) reached at a lower engine speed (5,250 rpm.) On-road traction and superb pick-up from low speeds allow a rider to navigate city roads and highways with the confidence that they look stylish doing so.

Price: $10,495

Photos of Vespa Model GTS Touring 300

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Vespa Model GTS Super Sport 300

The Sport Special Edition of the Vespa embodies the values of style, comfort, safety and sportiness of the most widely spread scooter in the world. The Vespa GTS Super Sport is a blend of distinctiveness and character, as well as sportiness and performance. The 300 electronic injection engine brings out maximum aggressiveness, whether in the city or on country roads. The dedicated graphics and the sport saddle with white piping and thermobonding complete the sporty look of the Vespa GTS SuperSport. The shield, the steel essence of the Vespa, is distinguished by a “score” of personality: the right hand side now sports a large grille with horizontal slots – a clear reference to the most stylish Vespas of the past – which gives a marked sporty touch to the side view of the vehicle.

 Vespa GTS Super Sport 300 Engine

The 300cc engine delivers extraordinary urban vehicle performances, characterized by high torque levels (22.3 Nm) reached at lower engine speeds (5,250 rpm). On road traction and pick-up from low speeds provide a confidence in urban commuting that never goes out of style.

Photos of  Vespa GTS Super Sport

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