2015 Suzuki GSX-S1000F First Look

In addition to launching a streetfighter based on its popular GSX-R superbike, Suzuki also introduced the public to its 2015 GSX-S1000F at Intermot as well, the S1000F sporting a touch more bodywork, windscreen and touting a relaxed riding position. Otherwise, the 2015 GSX-S1000F and 2015 GSX-S1000 are carbon copies.

That means the S1000F will run a Gixxer 1000 engine, albeit the one used from 2005-08. (In 2009, Suzuki totally revamped the literbike’s engine, adding its crankshaft-end lubrication system, enlarging the bore, shortening the stroke, redesigning the pistons and adding bigger valves). Tailored more for street riding, the 999cc Inline Four of the 2015 GSX-S1000F does have new pistons and different cam profiles than the GSX-R1000 powerplant. Then there’s standard goods like Suzuki’s Composite Electrochemical Material plating the 73.4mm bore, iridium spark plugs providing ignition, and gases compressed at a 12.2:1 ratio. A fresh design on the radiator and a liquid-cooled oil cooler are tasked with keeping heat down and efficiency up, while the 4-2-1 pipes have a catalyzer in the exhaust chamber claimed to meet stringent Euro 3 emission regulations. Read More

AIMExpo: Kawasaki To Debut Ninja H2 at 2014 Event

2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 Promotional shot AIMExpo Press Release: The American International Motorcycle Expo and Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., have announced that the OEM’s debut appearance at the event, this October 16-19 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center, will be highlighted by the North American debut of the groundbreaking Ninja H2. Since the joint announcement in early August that Kawasaki would become the latest manufacturer to partner with AIMExpo, considerable buzz has surrounded what the OEM’s involvement would entail. Ultimately, Kawasaki recognized the key value AIMExpo provides and intends to fully leverage the all-in-one platform that reaches the trade, media and consumer segments of the marketplace. Kawasaki committed to announcing key products from its 2015 lineup at AIMExpo, with the Ninja H2 serving as the first confirmed model to be debuted in America. Kawasaki has teased the coming of the Ninja H2 through a sequence of teaser videos on the bike’s official website. The motorcycle is named after the original Mach IV H2 from 1972, a motorcycle that became legendary for its raw power and epitomized Kawasaki’s performance image that defined the modern sport bike market, as it’s known today. The brand new Ninja H2 not only pays homage to its predecessor and Kawasaki’s legacy of being a standard bearer for cutting-edge performance, but also exhibits groundbreaking development from the company. Kawasaki relied on the skills and experience of experts not just within its motorcycle division, but also its aerospace, gas turbine and other high tech manufacturing that compose the parent Kawasaki Heavy Industries organization. This methodology in creating the Ninja H2 is a showcase of Kawasaki’s collective strength as a manufacturing group and is the defining element of the motorcycle’s “Built Beyond Belief” trademark. 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 Promotional shot Simply put, Kawasaki intends to duplicate its efforts with the original H2 from 1972 and reshape the motorcycle landscape forever, using AIMExpo as its avenue to do so. “It’s clear that AIMExpo provides the sort of grand stage Kawasaki is looking for to reveal such a groundbreaking product like the Ninja H2, in addition to other key products coming to the marketplace in 2015,” said Kevin Allen, Kawasaki Manager, PR + Brand Experience. “The Ninja H2 is just one piece of the collective effort we are bringing to the show in October and it’s the first of many exciting announcements we plan to make regarding our first year of involvement at AIMExpo.” “As enthusiasts ourselves, everyone here at the Motorcycle Group shares the market’s excitement that Kawasaki will host the North American debut of the new Ninja H2 at AIMExpo,” said Larry Little, Vice President and General Manager, Marketplace Events Motorcycle Group. “In the past, domestic consumers could see new product online, but would have to wait months before the opportunity to see it in person in North America. AIMExpo was created with these types of introductions in mind to generate excitement among retailers, consumers and the media. Kawasaki has fully embraced the platform we’ve built and this is just the first of many great things they’ll be bringing to the show.” For more information:  www.aimexpousa.com Read More